Energy Efficient Oven from Wisconsin Oven Reduces Operating Costs

Wisconsin Oven is proud to announce their E-Pack™ Oven upgrade. This optional Energy Efficient upgrade package, includes thicker wall panels, higher efficiency motors, and a few other energy saving items. If you operate your oven more than 2,000 hours per year at temperatures above 300°F, you may be able to reduce your operating costs substantially, which can equate to thousands of dollars each year!

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Drive Operating Costs DOWN with Wisconsin Oven's E-Pack™ line of industrial ovens (available as an optional upgrade on most standard ovens).

Don't let rising energy costs consume your profits. Buy an E-Pack™ oven! Operating costs directly affect your company's profitability, so if you can lower your energy usage, profits will go up.

The E-Pack™ upgrade offers the following BENEFITS:

  • Lower energy consumption makes your facility more energy efficient
  • Quick return on your investment with payback usually in 9-15 months (based on 2,000 hours of operation per year)
  • More wall insulation reduces heat-loss, which lowers ambient shop temperatures and cooling bills during summer
  • Better temperature uniformity through work chamber
  • Environmentally friendly

How much $$ can YOU save??

右边的图显示了一个例子,但more accurate estimates can be obtained by filling out theE-Pack™储蓄Form.


  1. Energy cost per Therm (only required if the oven is gas-fired); Note: 1 Therm = 100,000 BTU's
  2. Energy cost per kilowatt (kW) hour
  3. Burner rating (BTU's per hour) if the oven is gas-fired
  4. kW rating if the oven is electrically heated
  5. Normal operating temperature, in degrees F
  6. Average number of minutes the oven doors are open every hour (for batch ovens)
  7. Exterior wall area (in square feet), or the dimensions of the oven body
  8. Horsepower (HP) of the recirculation blower
  9. HP of the exhaust blower

E-Pack Chart

Let Wisconsin Oven help evaluate your project to see how quickly an E-Pack™ Oven upgrade will pay for itself.Email usto calculate your Savings, and we'll be glad to help!

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