Walk-In Ovens

Walk-In Ovens, also referred to as Batch Ovens or Truck-In Ovens, are a larger scale industrial oven that can be engineered for any need, whether it is a “customized” standard oven, or an烤箱的特制从概念到最终的公关oduct.

Walk-In Oven Customization

Industrial Walk-In Ovens are available in standard sizes up to 6,000 cubic feet, with larger custom sizes available upon request. Walk-In Ovens are offered with temperature ratings up to 1,400°F,当气体发射或电加热时。威斯康星州烤箱的步入式烤箱可以通过多种选择来定制,例如台面的手推车导轨,两端的门,烤箱两端的门,保证的温度均匀性,窗户,灯光,访问端口等。

Advantages of Walk-In Ovens:

  • Versatility. Anything that will fit inside the work chamber can be processed in a walk-in batch oven. The most popular style of walk-in oven uses combination airflow, which delivers the air to the load from both sides at the bottom, and draws it up through the load before directing it through a roof-mounted return duct at the top of the heating chamber. This airflow style is extremely versatile, provides excellent temperature uniformity, and will accommodate most load arrangements.

  • Recipe Batch Processing. Heating/cooling recipes automatically adjust the walk-in oven to different temperatures for predetermined time periods. This allows the load to be heated at one temperature during the first half of the cycle, for example, and a different temperature during the second half. Each recipe can have many segments, and different recipes can be stored and retrieved as needed for different loads.

  • Tightly Controlled Heating and Cooling. In a walk-in batch oven the load can be heated and cooled very gradually. The rate of temperature change is programmed into the temperature controller by the operator, and can be controlled extremely accurately.

  • Ease of Material Handling. Walk-in batch ovens do not require any specialized material handling. They can be loaded with a fork truck. With the addition of a load cart, an overhead hoist can be used to load the oven.

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