Wisconsin Oven Ships One Electrically Heated Batch Oven

Jul 30, 2020

Wisconsin Oven is pleased to announce the shipment of oneElectrically Heated Standard Draw Batch Oven(SDB Series) for a manufacturer of aerospace products. The oven will be used for processing parts in a reduced oxygen atmosphere utilizing nitrogen.

th的最大持续工作温度iselectrically heated ovenis 1,400°F and has the capability to operate at 230° F above ambient. The thermocouple uniformity survey (TUS) qualified temperature range is 800°F to 1,400°F. Qualified work zone dimensions are 24” wide x 24” high x 48” deep. Overall chamber dimensions are 36” wide x 36” high x 60” deep. The construction of the walls and ceiling feature the “CAN” style construction with heavy plate exterior (1/2” thick oven front) and includes 4” of ceramic blanket, backed with 4” of 6-pound density, industrial board style insulation for a total wall thickness of 8”. The interior ductwork and liner utilize 18 gauge 309 stainless steel.

The SDB oven line offers great versatility to our customers with the ability to operate through a very wide temperature range. We work very closely with our clients throughout the purchasing process and can offer the capability of customizing our standard SDB oven line to meet their specific needs.”– Doug Christiansen, Application Engineer

Unique features of thisindustrial batch oveninclude:

  • Atmosphere system including flow meter, high & low nitrogen flow with solenoid valves, and an atmosphere-to-water cooling system (air-to-air cooling systems also available)
  • Motorized dampers on fresh air inlet and exhaust outlet to allow efficient operation at the lower operating range (sealed for atmosphere cooling)
  • 96 kW heat input with SCR power control
  • 10,000 CFM @ 10 HP recirculation system with combination style air flow design
  • Vertical lift pneumatically operated door with manual safety latch and sealing clamps
  • Two (2) 304 stainless steel pier rails spaced on 18” centers (with customer requested customization designed to work in conjunction with a specific cart loading process)
  • Hearth rated at a gross capacity of 2,000 pounds
  • Oven was tested and proven to pass temperature uniformity survey (TUS) requirements of AMS 2750E for class 2 (±10°F) furnaces at 800° F, 1,200° F, and 1,400° F prior to shipment (AMS 2750E compliant testing prior to shipment allows faster start of production timeline after arrival at the customer’s facility)


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