Industrial Ovens for the Foundry Industry

Foundries cast parts out of steel, aluminum, and other metals using different casting methods depending on the part production rate, the intricacy of the finished part, and the metal being cast. The most common casting methodologies are sand casting, investment casting, ceramic mold casting, and lost foam casting. Each of these uses a different type of mold, and all require heating in an industrial oven at one or more stages in the process. Wisconsin Oven manufactures batch andconveyor ovensspecifically designed for these casting processes and are built to last in the demanding foundry environment.

Why the foundry industry chooses Wisconsin Oven:

  • High velocity, air impingement design that maximizes drying speed and efficiency for drying molds and cores after washing.

  • Knowledgeable Sales/Engineering staff utilizing a “consultant” style approach to equipment design, customized to your process. Custom designed equipment with value added features that will perform efficiently within your process.

  • Every piece of equipment is fully assembled and tested prior to shipment

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