Industrial Ovens for the Finishing Industry

Several industries use finishing ovens in their manufacturing processes including automotive, electronics, aerospace, hardware, and heavy equipment. Finishing processes prolong the lifespan of products by protecting them from corrosion and wear. Finishing is also used to enhance electrical properties, to form and shape components, and to enhance the bonding of adhesives or organic coatings. Common finishing processes are wet paint andpowder curing. Both batch andconveyorstyle industrial ovens can be utilized for finishing processes.

Why the finishing industry chooses Wisconsin Oven:

  • Excellent temperature uniformity of +/- 10F, and +/-5F, or better for a more uniform cure.

  • Powder Coating equipment is designed with high volume airflow at a lowered velocity including full oven supply and return duct work. High volume airflow decreases the cure time and lowered velocity will minimize the amount of powder blown off of product prior to reaching the gel state, resulting in less re-coating.

  • Properly designed exhaust system to offer maximum operating efficiency and reduced emissions.

  • Ball bearing door hinges for a longer life, structurally reinforced body, door and oven front.

  • Patented high-efficiency insulated wall design for reduced energy use and lower temperature exterior.

  • 5-year warranty on standard curing ovens, the longest in the business!

  • Every piece of equipment is fully assembled and tested prior to shipment.

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